But Tomorrow Foundation Story

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Our loving daughter and sister, Noëlle Christie Loving, passed away at the age of 37 years old of an inoperable brain tumor on September 13, 2017. She lived a year from diagnosis, half of that year being bedridden, disabled, unable to eat, drink, speak or move.

Noëlle graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree of psychology in 2002. She began a very successful career in recruiting (headhunting), helping others find employment opportunities which took her to live in Chicago and then to Washington D.C.; where she opened an office for her employer. She was an incredible salesperson who never took “no” as the final answer and would keep trying until she finally found a “yes”.

In 2010, her younger brother, Philip, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Noëlle became committed in finding the best doctors and treatment facilities for her brother. At the same time, remaining by his side before, during and after surgery. She never stopped, not for a second, being “The Tower of Strength” to both her parents and siblings.

During this difficult time, Noëlle learned that you have to be your own health advocate. This is when she decided to become a nurse; to help people in times when they need help the most!

She was accepted in the Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing (BSMCON) in Richmond, VA in 2013. While in nursing school, she worked as a  certified Nurse Assistant in the VCU Health Palliative Care Unit and expressed to her family that, “she had found where she belonged.” She proved herself to be a dedicated, compassionate nurse and loved taking care of patients. Sadly, she wasn’t able to get her nursing degree, passing away a semester before graduation. She was awarded her degree posthumously in 2018 by BSMCON! This meant the world to our family.

From Noëlle’s true love, compassion, and care for others, our family will keep her legacy alive by creating the Noëlle C. Loving “But Tomorrow” Foundation.

From young, Noëlle never accepted the word “no,” always countering with “but tomorrow?”

She always had hope in whatever she did and we want others to know to always be hopeful for a tomorrow!

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